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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A road side fruit stand/cafe

A fruit stand along the road- these are ALL over here- like a mini fruit marché of local fruits. 

For those of you who have never seen a cocao bean (pronounced- kakow), here are some for you to see.  

A cocoa pod (fruit) has a rough leathery rind about 3 cm thick (this varies with the origin and variety of pod). It is filled with sweet, mucilaginous pulp (called 'baba de cacao' in South America) enclosing 30 to 50 large seeds that are fairly soft and white to pale lavender in color. (Wikipedia)

Hanging fruit- bananas and pineapples

A row of pineapples (which are very sweet here) and in front is very young corn still in their  husks. 

The young corn cooking in water  (I didn't taste this but I think it must be good).

Hanging little bananas and on the table- cantaloupe, watermelons, papayas, cacao, and ackee (brain fruit).

Lots of hanging cacao- notice how colorful the pods are.

She showed us the inside of a cacao pod- this is the flesh of the fruit that surrounds the
chocolate seed... It's very fleshy. 

The red fruit is ackee (you can't eat it until the fruit opens or you can get very sick). It doesn't really much of a taste, but it looks like brains... whitish-yellow flesh. 

A delicious drink- coconut water.  It's very sweet! 

A wide variety of tropical fruit. 


Cab you believe the round brownish-yellow fruits are oranges?!

The lady was very nice and showed us around her garden in front... 

A little cafe area to have lunch

Hot carrots (pickled) is something I really miss!

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