Leaving the cold winter in France behind for warm weather, tropical scenery and beautiful beaches... Join me!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting my toesies wet...


  1. Hi Leesa,
    Was the water warm? I am just trying to remember what that is all like. I haven't been on a beach in... ages.
    BTW(you can answer me in pm); do you swim??
    To be honest, I don't like going in the water. But, I can understand that others love it. D swims like a fish :)

    Bises ;)

  2. Waiting to see also your hands... lol:):)

  3. Hola Leesa!

    Faaaaaaabulous photos! OMG, I bet you're having the time of your life!

    Please think of use here in the north with our freezing temps and snow!

    Eat some coconut for me, okay?


  4. Hi Barbara--

    YEP!! The water is sooo warm here! It's LOVELY! Not really too keen on swimming in the ocean, but I went in the other day with Mer and my dad and tried to boogie board in the not so big waves... : )

    Philip --

    Hmmm.. Never thought of that, but I'll have to try!! : )

    Hiya Ron...

    I SURE will think of you and all of my France freezing their booties off in France and around Europe and America right now.. Sorry for all the snow!!! UGGGGGHHHH!!!!!! I'll DEFIN. eat some coconut for you!!!
    Hugs, Leese