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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Around my dad's neighbourbood

You can see here all the green lushness of the tropical forest.  It's all around, everywhere you look!
This is my dad's neighbourhood.  All that's here are houses (maybe about 15 or 20) and the rest is forest!


Hanging vines.... 

An interesting plant, I have no idea what this is, though. 

I LOVE these leaves!

A neighbour's house- looks like a shack.
I LOVE these hanging vines!  They look like ropes and make you want to climb up!

Notice the dark coloured termites nest attached to the tree. 

Another house.  Lovely garden, too!

Plants growing on the dirt hill. 

So lush and green- notice all the ferns!

Lots of banana leaves!


  1. I love the tropics, I am so jealous at the moment while I sit in freeze in the UK!!!! Diane