Leaving the cold winter in France behind for warm weather, tropical scenery and beautiful beaches... Join me!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Food in the tropics

It's all very healthy and fresh here.

Our first night, we went out to a Caribbean resto just outside of the town.  It was pretty tasty.
Here's my dad and his steak dish with rice and beans. 

Here's my dinner with lots of grilled veggies, rice, beans, salad and salsa!


My step mom made ceviche in a soup broth for lunch the other day. 

My lunch of fruit and cayenne pepper- YUM!!!!


  1. Holà!
    I think that between FB and here, the picture show is generous! I like to see too, howthey eat in different countries.
    I am sure that there will be lots of that in the coming months!

    Happy weekend :)

  2. Hola querida amiga Leese! I'm jealous of you. Need to come and join your company. Warm hugs.

  3. You have post loads of fabulous photos .. cannot keep up with you. Your dinners look tasty but there is so much on the plate .. Fruit for lunch sounds yummy :-) xx