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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peurto Viejo

Here's a little info about the area we'll be staying closest to, Puerto Viejo-- We'll be just 15 minutes walking distance from this town....

                                                       Puerto Viejo-Talamanca, Costa Rica

It is located in the Caribbean coast (Limón.) Puerto Viejo is one of the most beautiful places that you can find in Costa Rica, because many species of animals and plants live there. This makes a perfect connection between human being and nature. It is like a little paradise.

 In Puerto Viejo, you can find a mixture of cultures such as Jamaicans, Europeans and African-Caribbean people. They come to this place and immediately begin to feel in love with it, so they stay living there and put some kind of business such as little restaurants or bars. For that reason, you can hear many languages there, but the predominant language is the Patua (Jamaican language.)

Also, that place is characterized by the amazing beach, because it has a wonderful combination of sunlight, landscape, ocean, peace and jungle, which will allow you to relax. And the friendly environment felt by the tourists make that Puerto Viejo become in a place that everybody wants to visit. This is also the place where the movie “Caribe” was filmed, one of the most important movies produced by Costa Ricans.

Furthermore, Puerto Viejo is very famous because of the perfect surfing that people can practice, and that is thanks to Salsa Brava (a beach where the waves reaches up to 12 meters high.) In addition, Puerto Viejo is between Cahuita (National Park with a lot of corals and beautiful beaches) and Gandoca Manzanillo, so people can come here and visit three wonderful places in just one trip.

Another aspect that makes tourists come to Puerto Viejo is the infrastructure, because it looks like a very ancient place but it has the comfort of a modern place. Those reasons turn this place into a paradise where you can walk or see the beach and the jungle and into a paradise in which you can enjoy the peaceful environment that only Costa Rica has."

**Text taken from Wikipedia/Puerto Viejo/Photos taken from Trip Advisor

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