Leaving the cold winter in France behind for warm weather, tropical scenery and beautiful beaches... Join me!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lunch is served!

One of my VERY favourite things here so far are the black beans!!  I just LOVEEEE them!!! 
Another favourite is the friend plantains- a very starchy banana that is eaten fried, not raw. If it's prepared when it's green, it's almost like a potato, not sweet, and very starchy.. If it's prepared when it's yellow (ripe), then it's very sweet and can be eaten as a dessert.  It's usually served with a meal, not separate, as a dessert! I'd like to eat some fried bananas with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and syrup! YUM!!!


  1. OMG!! All your photos are FABULOUS... next time you go to Costa Rica , I am coming with you LOL LOL .. or maybe this is where Arni and I should go for a holiday .. :-)

    You are definitely PHOTO QUEEN hugs Anne

  2. Super photographs!
    Be careful...we started coming to Costa Rica to avoid the winter in France...and now we are here permanently!